Dania Al-Obaidi is an artist living and teaching art in Mississauga, Ontario. Born and raised in Iraq, her work is heavily influenced by the richness and beauty of both old and new world flare.

She studied Fine Arts at Baghdad University and has continued further training in Canada at Humber and Sheridan College alongside extensive exhibitions in Canada and the Middle East.

Her most favourable passion is abstract painting.  She uses intense combination of materials and colours in her work. Dania Al-Obaidi believes that an artists work should come within a person through a lifetime of acquired skills and the wonders of experiences.  Only then can an art speak for itself.  

She prefers using the properties of encaustic painting as the choice of expression on wood and different mediums. She flirts with mixed media on canvas, wood, and handmade paper from time to time.

Her goal is to make an emotional and inspirational connection with her work.



A professional with over ten years of experience in the many faces of the art world. Making art has been my way of communicating my delights and irritants in life. My self-portraits have addressed all these sources of delights and irritants. If work stemming from my experience of pleasure and pain rings a chord of recognition in the viewer then I feel I’ve done my job as an artist.  I’ve touched the on-looker and communicated something of myself.



  • Toronto Artist Project                                     Canada                                   2018
  • Toronto Artist Project                                     Canada                                   2017
  • La Maison Gallery                                         Canada                                   2015
  • Zain Hall Gallery                                            Amman                                   2015
  • Cedar Ridge Creative Centre                        Canada                                   2014
  • Al-Mizzan Art Gallery                                     Baghdad                                 2002
  • Dar Al-Andaa Art Gallery                               Amman                                   1998
  • Hywar Art Gallery                                          Baghdad                                  1997
  • Al-Orfally Art Gallery                                      Baghdad                                 1996
  • The Art International Exhibition                     Baghdad                                  1995



  • Twist Gallery                                                  Canada                                    2017
  • Propeller Gallery                                            Canada                                    2017
  • La Masion Gallery                                          Canada                                    2017
  • Arta Gallery (Summer)                                   Canada                                    2017
  • Arta Gallery (Spring)                                      Canada                                    2017
  • Propeller Gallery                                            Canada                                    2017
  • Areej Art Gallery                                            Canada                                    2017
  • Mesopotamia Group Exhibition                     Canada                                    2017
  • Toronto Artist Project                                     Canada                                    2016
  • Wychwood Barns Gallery                              Canada                                    2015
  • The John B. Aird Gallery                               Canada                                    2015
  • Toronto Centre for the Arts                            Canada                                    2014
  • Gallery 1313                                                  Canada                                    2014
  • Wychwood Barns Gallery                              Canada                                    2014
  • Show And Sell                                               Canada                                    2013
  •  4 You Art Gallery                                          Canada                                    2004
  • Juried Show of Fine Arts                               Canada                                    2003
  • National Museums of Art                               Baghdad                                  2000
  • Museum of Contemporary Art                       Amman                                    1998
  • Al-Orfally Art Gallery                                      Baghdad                                 1995





Encaustic Workshops                                                                         2012- 2015

Karma Creative Studio, Toronto, Canada


Encaustic Workshops                                                                         2015

Zain Hall Gallery, Amman, Jordan


Art Teacher (Kids / Teenagers / Adults)                                            2011- 2014

Dumuzi Art Center, Mississauga, Canada                                                     


Art Teacher / Owner                                                                         2007- Present

The Big Dream Art School, Mississauga, Canada                             


Art Teacher                                                                                         2002- 2005

Elf Baa Taa Private Art School, Mississauga, Canada                                  


Art Teacher                                                                                         1996-1998

Montessori School, Amman, Jordan                                                 




International Encaustic Artists (IEA)                                                  2013- Present




University of Bagdad; Bachelor of Fine Arts                                      1990- 1994                 

Humber Collage Ontario, Canada                                                      2000

  • Drawing and rendering
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Quark Express
  • Illustrator


Sheridan College Oakville, Canada                                                     2008

  • Drafting 1




Fluent in English and Arabic