For most of my life, abstract painting has been my passion. My imaginations come in a different way, how I feel about the nature, which I can express the wonder, curiosity and beauty of the place where we live in. The journeys between my memories and reality of life have left deep impression on me to see things differently.

  • Teach beginner students to mix color and create different shades using pastels, crayons, pencils, acrylic etc.
  • Instruct students to do art using simple art materials such as construction papers, knitting, cotton etc.
  • Teach advanced students how to use watercolors, oil colors and acrylic colors
  • Teach advanced techniques in mixing and shading

For Adults/Teens

DANIA AL-OBAIDI has introduced art tutoring classes. These classes are for beginners and advanced students. They will use various techniques and materials to express themselves through art work like shading, painting, abstract and watercolour.

For more information or/and how to register, please, contact me.

For Kids

DANIA AL-OBAIDI has introduced art tutoring classes for Kids.
These classes are offered for children in different ages.
Students will discover and explore different types of basic art concepts.
Children will learn different techniques using oil pastels, chalk, collages, and acrylic on canvas with variety of colours and ideas.
Students will be able to enjoy themselves while having fun in these classes.

For more information or/and how to register, please, contact me.

Check these wonderful works by my amazing students:

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